Omoluabi FM GM Stephen Adedigba calls for Collaboration in the Broadcasting Space

In the vibrant broadcasting landscape of Ibadan, competition has been a driving force, with both seasoned veterans and emerging voices contributing to the city’s dynamic media scene. However, there is a growing call from industry insider, Stephen Adedigba, the General Manager of Omoluabi Radio, to prioritize healthy competition and collaboration over unhealthy rivalry.

The city boasts a mix of longstanding radio stations and newer entrants, each bringing a unique flavor to the airwaves. Adedigba emphasizes the significance of fostering an environment where both veterans and newcomers can thrive, contributing to the industry’s overall growth.

“Listeners in Ibadan are eager to hear fresh voices complementing the efforts of our seasoned broadcasters. It’s crucial for professionals and media house owners to embrace healthy competition as a means of elevating the industry,” states Adedigba.

The appeal extends to professionals, broadcasters, and media house owners, urging them to avoid engaging in activities that could hinder the growth of the broadcasting sector in Ibadan. Unhealthy rivalries, such as poaching talent or spreading misinformation, can have detrimental effects on the industry’s reputation and overall progress.

As the industry evolves, collaboration and mutual support are seen as key drivers for success. By encouraging a spirit of camaraderie, stakeholders can collectively contribute to the enrichment of Ibadan’s broadcasting landscape, offering diverse content and voices to the city’s discerning audience.

As echoed by Stephen Adedigba, the goal is not just individual success but the collective advancement of the broadcasting industry in Ibadan.

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