Olusina Olabode Advocates for Improved Working Conditions in the Media Industry

In a recent chat on Monday, Olusina Olabode, popularly known as ‘Omo Iya Sina,’ and the Founder of Ibile 9ja News, Radio & TV, emphasized the need for media house owners to create conducive environments for their staff.

Addressing reporters in Ibadan, the former Head of Programmes at IBR 92.5 FM/IATV highlighted the importance of providing a thriving atmosphere for media professionals to enhance their performance.

Omo Iya Sina, who left his previous positions citing inadequate working conditions, clarified that his decision was not driven by monetary concerns, contrary to some speculations. He stressed that poor staff-employer relationships were a significant factor behind his career moves.

“I left some of the stations I’ve worked for when agreements outlined in our contracts could no longer be sustained,” Olusina explained. “Some media houses failed to fulfill salary commitments, while others, after luring me in for quality broadcasting, abruptly shifted their focus to someone else.”

Highlighting the seriousness of the issue, he stated, “I am not migrating for the sake of money or fame.”

Meanwhile, Omo Iya Sina hinted at a forthcoming return to the airwaves, assuring his fans, audience, and supporters that plans are in place for a new and prominent broadcasting venture set to launch soon in Ibadan.

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