NGO Urges Media to Monitor Allocation of N185 Billion Palliative Funds by States

The Naija Times Journalism Foundation (NTJF), a nonprofit organization, has highlighted the importance of media oversight in monitoring the distribution of the N185 billion palliative funds among various states.

According to a statement released on Sunday, the NTJF emphasized that media monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency and accountability in the utilization of the recently announced N5 billion per state and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) palliative fund by the federal government.

The foundation pointed out that previous attempts by the government to provide relief to disadvantaged Nigerians through palliatives were hampered due to inadequate media supervision.

Ehi Braimah, the chairman of the foundation, emphasized that past initiatives attempted by the government through state governors had failed and should serve as valuable lessons.

To make a meaningful impact, the statement stressed the necessity for meticulous planning and careful monitoring of the fund utilization. The media and journalists were encouraged to actively report on whether the fund benefits were reaching the intended beneficiaries.

The absence of robust media oversight, the statement warned, could lead to a repetition of the mismanagement seen in previous interventions.

Braimah underscored that considering the high levels of poverty in the country, it is vital for governors and political leaders to ensure the success of ongoing relief efforts. He stated that the prevailing hunger and hardships must be urgently and purposefully addressed to prevent potential protests stemming from deprivation.”

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