News Agency of Nigeria MD Urges Media to Lead in Monitoring Budget Process

The Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Ali Muhammad Ali emphasized the media’s crucial role in leading the tracking of the budgetary process to ensure Nigerians receive the actual value outlined in fiscal proposals.

Ali conveyed this message during a two-day capacity-building event for journalists organized by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) in collaboration with the Premium Times Academy in Abuja, focusing on governance and policy reporting.

Ali highlighted the constitutional backing for the media’s watchdog responsibility, as outlined in Section 22, emphasizing the media’s unique position in holding the government accountable and promoting transparency.

He underscored the importance of development journalism in creating awareness about socio-economic issues and advocated for the media’s active involvement in tracking the budgetary process to guarantee the public receives the intended value.

The training, supported by Premium Times, aimed to equip journalists with the skills necessary for effective coverage of public policies, governance, and democratic processes in Nigeria. Asishana Okauru, Director-General of NGF, stressed the vital role of journalists in shaping policies and called for collaborative efforts to better understand the policy value chain, particularly in the implementation segment. Participants from various media outlets across the country attended the training.

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