NBC Issues Stern Warning to Arise TV Over Offensive Language

NBC has issued a stern warning to Arise Television, raising concerns about the use of offensive and inflammatory language during its broadcasts.

In a letter dated October 6, 2023, signed by NBC’s Director-General, Dr. Balarabe Ilelah, the Commission urged the TV station to implement a delay mechanism to prevent the dissemination of undesirable content.

This warning follows a previous incident eight months ago when Arise TV was fined N2 million for violating Nigeria’s broadcasting codes.

The letter, titled “Preponderance of derogatory and incendiary remarks: final warning,” emphasized the broadcaster’s responsibility to manage the conduct of guests appearing on the station.

The NBC specifically cited an episode of the station’s morning show on October 5, which featured guests Oladokun Hassan and Dele Farotimi.

It pointed out that Dele Farotimi made unguarded inflammatory remarks against various branches of the government and the President.

Additionally, Arise TV was accused of failing to exercise responsibility during the airing of its Newsday program, which featured Kenneth Okonkwo, the Spokesperson of the Labour Party, making derogatory remarks on air.

The NBC referred to specific sections of the broadcasting code and advised Arise TV to implement a delay mechanism to prevent the broadcast of undesirable content.

This recent warning comes after a previous fine of N2 million was imposed on Arise TV on February 3, 2023, for unprofessional broadcasts.

The letter outlined instances of unfair remarks and mockery during the coverage of political events and called for compliance with broadcasting regulations.

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