My fears: On the Nationwide #Endsars Agitation

Nigerians hold candle night for SARS brutality victims

As I write, right now. I fear that my life at any time will be snuffed out like the 8 people at Ogbomoso and the innocent man at Surulere. I fear that the police might get me arrested and frame me up for attempted murder and fraud while I walk down the street all because of my phone.

Names of Endsars victims

But the fear is minimal because I am just another ordinary introvert tweeting #ENDSWAT. Oh, I forgot!! I could be whisked away by some DSS officials because of my harmless tweets. Ha!!! My friends who currently keep me in the company at my DM might be shot too. I am also scared that the internet might be shut down soon by the federal government. I am scared of the level of empathy shown by President Buhari despite the intense protest. He chuckled while he was presented our Demands by the Governor of Lagos state. I am scared for every protester who is currently marching out.

sanwoolu meeting Buhari at Aso rock villa

I am also scared of the newspaper whose headlines are; not true, inciting and insignificant: as one-pointed that Osibanjo and Buhari’s daughter is at the forefront of the struggle like for example the authority newspaper says “How Buhari and Osinbanjo daughters stopped SARS” when deep down, they did nothing as presently we have our protesters still harassed by Police. For that, I am scared of their credibility in the future. The newspaper is meant to be the agent of truth, not lies. Also, it shows that their disposition to Citizen is that we are nothing but mere figures.

If I keep talking about my fears, I and you, my readers might sink into depression or possible have a PTSD. But despite all these fears, I believe as a realist that oppression exists because there’s a possibility of hope resurfacing if used properly as an opportunity to win or else it will die.

There is still hope. The older generation notwithstanding, still have the blames of this police brutality that they have accepted as a feature, they have once protested against the problems of the nation but they gave in easily as a result of lack of many factors which I believe the internet is part of it.

News headline on a blog

But, we the youth who had harnessed the power of the Internet, for example, the #SarsmustEnd, #Endsars and #policebrutality has made number 1 not only in Nigeria also London and America, creating awareness to celebrities like Treysong, Kanyewest and Johngboyega to push our complaints further. I am hopeful as the international media broadcast our news and complaints, it shows that our voice is being heard.
I am hopeful as Jack tweeted #EndSwat to an Ignite more morale for the E- protesters. It speaks volume that social media would always be for us when our voices are needed. I am so hopeful as I hear the honest Nigerians who report about missing phones and unlocked cars, it reveals that some youth knows the truth. I am hopeful that despite the actions against the protesters, the number keeps increasing- yes, the same youth tagged as danger looming ahead in the future and lazy youth- and are resilient. I am hopeful as celebrities like the small doctor, Davido, Wizkid, Falz and so many more are marching in the streets with increasing enthusiasm-Infact, it gives me joy as Falz is wearing his wig in this dilemma. There are many of my hopes I could number as my fears would be triumphed soon.


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