Media for the Masses; Masses for the Media

By: Smart Olawale

They say, “media is the mirror of a modern society”. True, without any form of dispute. In the 21st-century world, media has grown to become an inseparable part of everyone’s lives. Media is the means for the masses to be entertained; it is the means for the masses to be educated and informed. The list goes on and on.

Media is described as a mirror because the comparison sheds light on its vulnerability, fragility. Like a mirror, the media will break and shatter if not handled with care. Consequently, we will have fragments of glasses that cannot truly reflect us the way we are– just patches of truths here and there.

Being a true media practitioner in Nigerian Society is a strenuous business. It stresses one’s body, mind and spirit. And before you know it, morals wobble on the floor, at the mercy of rich men’s soles – upright ones and mostly, the opposite.

Many (rare) journalists who think they are strong-headed to hunt down corrupt leaders are left to, squarely, face their fate (scratch that, death) with no level of protection or regard from the society they are willing to die for. Pathetic.

If the Media have the potentials of influencing the lives of the masses, the masses had better invest in it so what can make our lives better will not be the later cause of a national crisis. If that happens, even posterity will bear the brunt.

The Nigerian Media industry is caught in the tight grips of the government’s laws, taxation, inadequate funding and more. Journalists are slaving away or reconsidering their patriotism due to the late payment of their salaries. Sad.

If we believe the media do so much for us, we should do so well in reciprocation.

Don’t sit down in your room all day ranting on social media about the low standards of some journalists or some media outfits. If we demand so much and we are desperate to hold Journalists accountable, let us encourage media companies to seek crowdfunding and bank on the public (not on some individuals) for a good cause of promoting true journalism.

Smart Olawale writes from Lagos. He’s a marketing professional cum Journalist. Reach out to him via

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