Media: An Unavoidable Tool for a Developing Country

By Israel Babalola

Media, from the onset, has been the fourth estate of a society, therefore, its impact and positive contributions to a developing nation, cannot be overemphasized. Radio, Television, Newspaper, Blogging etc., has great impact on many lives. It has raised the hope of the hopeless, given voice to the voiceless and birthed many improved and developing countries in its digital forms.

The right use of the media brings good tidings to the afflicted, enhances freedom to the captives, and, opens the prison gates of those who are bound in the society.

Media is the watchdog for the general public, and this does not exclude the less privileged in the society. A community may not be able to survive without the presence of the media, during this age and time, and as such, it serves as an intermediary between the elites and the masses.

The powerful presence of the media brings all public organizations and government officials into check. Thus, the media gives people ample opportunity to fight against injustice, oppression and misdeeds that they otherwise wouldn’t be aware of.

It also aids public opinions and makes the voice of the voiceless known to government. Certainly, the media can be used to mobilize public opinions, protests against wrongs and evils in a developing country, as we have seen in the case of Nigerian Youth’s “EndSARs” initiative efforts. In other words it connects people together for a particular purpose and enables a balanced social life.

Creating awareness, monitoring and reporting necessary information to the rural and urban areas, has been one of the topmost benefits which the media has brought to the people. Information is power! It therefore serves as a source of liberation to the captives of a corrupt government.

Transparency and accountability has been set for good governance as a result of the arrival of this fourth estate, because every official knows that all matters will be brought to various social platforms provided by the media.

Also, effective utilization of the power of media, helps to boost the economic sector of a country as it offers productive marketing strategies for individuals and organizations to showcase their goods and services to both local and international customers. For this age, we have modern marketing and advertisement.

Digital and affiliate marketing is one of the biggest advantages the media has to offer to both developed and developing countries. Definitely, in years to come, the media will still stand as a big and unavoidable tool in the hands of developing countries.

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