Kolade Dominate Narrates Love Story: I have been off the stock exchange market for a few weeks and I finally found the words

Nigerian on-air personality and media entrepreneur with Inspiration FM, Lagos, Victor Akolade Olowu, popularly known as ‘Kolade Dominate’ found his soulmate and has finally won her heart with a romantic proposal.

Primus Media City gathered via his Instagram handle. Former Splash FM OAP, Kolade Dominate however declared to have finally been off the stock exchange market for a few weeks.

He also narrated his love story. The story reads;

Short story.
Romans 12 vs 12.

I look back and I remember how I said I was scared to try again or try at all because I believed this was something I will always fail at based on everything I have seen or been through.

I know I tried so hard because I really just wanted to get it right, but it just would always crash and then so I meet people, some I hurt, some destroyed me that I even lost myself and then it just sent me further deep into my shell.

To everyone who had asked me and tried to even get close and I pushed away, I will come back to say the same thing, I wasn’t interested, funny part, that was the same thing she was always saying to people.

Even some of my colleagues would tell us both, you guys are good together, you guys are this or that…

We just didn’t see or care about anything they were saying.

So one day, after praying and praying about myself and this part of my life, I decided to quit acting on my own by letting go and letting God, then I started to see the things I couldn’t see before, I started to believe again and then she came.

From let’s try with so much fear, to a few weeks, to a few months.
Eventually my shortest relationship became the one that worked.

For those who know, know how much I have always said my life was a graceful one. I had always said to everyone who cared to know how God shows up for me every time even when I fail to trust in him.

This another example of his blessings!
Thank you Zai for being everything and more.
Thank you for loving me the way you love me.
Thank you for defying the odds.
Thank you for helping me, making me smile and giving me peace because my head is always working.
Thank you for being my safe space.

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