Kenny Ogunmiloro Calls Out Unknown OAP for Being a Bad News Peddler

The popular Ibadan radio/TV Sportscaster, Kenny Samson Ogunmiloro of Fresh 105.9 FM, Ibadan has on Saturday called out an unknown On-Air-Personality for being a bad news peddler while he believes there are many happy stories to report to the Nigerian people;

In his words:

How can someone come on the radio almost every Saturday morning and only talk about the sad news in Nigeria only?

He keeps setting the agenda for his audience by exaggerating the news for them and when they call in, they join him to blast the country and dwell on the negatives only. Is there not anything good to report about this country again? Why is he chasing clout?

Honestly, as an OAP we can do better most times. Some of us are MISLEADING the public in terms of how we churn out the news. And the funniest part is that some of them speak out of ignorance, they rely on and feed the public with the lies they read on social media.”

The former Star FM staff, Kenny Ogunmiloro, is one of the brainy Sport presenters and analysts in the brown roof city of Ibadan. He’s an award winning broadcaster with lots of recognitions and achievements in the media industry.

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