It’s Time: Collins Teke shares cryptic message

Nigerian based Radio Broadcaster, Media and Tech Entrepreneur with 99.3 Nigeria Info Lagos, Collins Teke has shared a cryptic message via his social media handles on Friday, May 20, 2022.

Microphone Heavyweight has fondly called hinted in the post a victorious and complete bow out of the radio industry. He said, “it is my believe that I came to the radio scene saw and conquered.

Collins Teke is a Cameroonian Born, Nigerian based Radio Broadcaster, Media and Tech Entrepreneur, professional Voice Over Artiste with 15 years work experience in Media Space.

He has interview some a cross section of Local and international A-Listers in the Creative industry , the Tech space,to top and relevant government agencies . His Radio interviews are adjudged by many of his top guests as one of the Bests in the land.

He is the Founder of a platform he founded 5 years ago to create contents that promote African Voices ,creatively tell Authentic African stories and Promote African Creativity. He is the current National Broadcasters Merit awards NBMA Best Voice Over Artiste in Nigeria Radio Programmes and Podcast.

Collins is an Alumnus of the National Broadcast Academy (Formally FRCN Training School) and Has work with some of the Leading Radio Stations in the Land including The network service of radio Nigeria , Premier FM , Inspiration FM and 99.3 Nigeria Info Lagos .

Primus Media City wishes him well in his next adventure.

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