Isaac Owoyemi Bids Farewell to Life107.5FM, Joins PEP 100.3FM Ibadan

In a heartfelt message, Isaac Owoyemi, popularly known as Eniobanke, announced his departure from Life Radio 107.5 to embark on a new journey with PEP 100.3FM, a recently established station in Ibadan.

Expressing gratitude and excitement, Eniobanke thanked his listeners for the years of support and encouragement. He highlighted the honor of connecting with audiences through the airwaves and credited their love for radio and desire for quality programming as inspiration for his continued journey.

Anticipating the next chapter, Eniobanke promised to deliver even more captivating content on his new platform. In a message resonating with optimism, he expressed hope for continued intersections of paths with listeners as they navigate the future together.

As Eniobanke bids farewell to Life107.5FM, he extends his appreciation for the support and wishes listeners a Happy New Year in advance. Signed with love and gratitude, the announcement is penned by Adekunle I Owoyemi, also known as Eniobanke.

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