Interview: …Urban radio is not popular that much in Ibadan… – M.I.A of Beat FM

Melody Ifeanyi Adigo well known as M.I.A on Ibadan radio is an energetic radio shining star. M.I.A, who currently works with Beat 97.9 FM, Ibadan can be described as ‘just that lady who is never missing in action”. At the maiden edition of Primus Media Awards, Melody emerged the winner of Paul Alasiri’s Award for the Best Use of Social Media.

In an interview session with our correspondent, Melody spoke about her media journey so far and his view about Ibadan radio Industry as a practicing media personality.

Who is M.I.A in the radio Industry?

Never thought about this but I would say I’m just that lady who is never missing in action

Can you take us through your growing up and educational background?

I was born and breed in Ibadan. So my first education (nursery and primary) was in Ibadan- All saints church school, Jericho Ibadan. Also my junior secondary… which was command secondary school bode Igbo, Ibadan. Senior secondary was in Ogun state, FGGC, Sagamu… then I moved to the east Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka for my university. I studied English education even though I always knew I would end up a presenter. And that led me to National Broadcast Academy, Ikeja where I did the basic presentation course.

How and when did you start your media career?

It started in university. At the end of my 3rd year, 2015, I got employed by this online media company – Friendite Global limited. I hosted rep carpets and anchored online shows and interviews for them. And that continued till I graduated. How I got into radio is a another story entirely

What are the challenges so far as a media practitioner?

Funds? (laugh). Well more seriously, I think funds. Cos the industry really doesn’t pay as much as people think it does. It’s mostly peanuts and as a media practitioner you are automatically in the limelight and even if personally your taste doesn’t increase, the public would force you to have a change in taste cos you are envisioned as a celebrity and sadly fame does not always equate to funds. Also that fame gangan is a challenge for me. Cos it’s weird but I don’t like going out and I like being a home buddy but as a voice in the media, it’s almost impossible.

The “social Melody” will always be seen on and off social media.

If I may ask, what’s the brain behind your social energy and vibes?

That should be because I don’t like going out, I make every outing count! I don’t want to go home and regret wearing that fine dress out.

What’s the common denominator in Radio and Hyping?

Music! Hyping and being a presenter both entail driving music.

As an entertainer, do you see radio as a boost for the entertainment industry in Ibadan and beyond?

Radio would always be a boost. It can’t be over emphasize. I’m aware a lot of people feel it’s no longer a popular medium and that’s true but it would always still be an important medium. It’s the go to of a lot of people cos do not forget it’s the media that keeps company

In few words, describe Ibadan radio style of presentation? What aspect do you hope for strong improvement?

For the people, I hope it improves for the 1% and those are the millennials and Gen-Z. Radio for the 1% which we call the Urban radio is not popular that much in Ibadan and that’s one aspect that calls for strong…. Very strong improvement

After radio, what’s next for you?

TV. Always want to go back there

Your advice to practicing radio colleagues

You are who you think you are.

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