Instagram: The Paradise for Nigerian Comedians

By Israel Babalola

Amidst all social media platforms, without any iota of doubt, Instagram is a platform majorly created for photo and video sharing, has been a paradise and place of abode for many top notch comedians in Nigeria today.

It is in fact, the seat of their organic talents and skit display. Various videos of comedians in Nigeria cannot be far fetched from Instagram as tis social media platform has helped to boost their videos and careers as a whole.

According to wikipedia, Instagram commonly referred to as “IG” or “Insta launcher” on iOS in October 2010 is an American photo and video sharing social networking service, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger but owned by Facebook. The Android version was released in April 2012, followed by a feature-limited desktop interface in November 2012, a Fire OS app in June 2014, and an app for Windows 10 in October 2016.

The app allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging. Posts can either be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. Users can browse other users’ contents by tags and locations and, also view trending contents. Users can like photos and follow other users to add their contents to a feed , a function that seemed to be discontinued as of September, 2020.

As a result of the ability to easily share out skits and sell what you do to the public, Instagram in Nigeria is a huge and productive business investing platform for comedians. Many Nigerian comedians today got their breakthrough via Instagram. It has brought many to the limelight, offered many endorsements and even ambassadorial space for many others.

Hashtag enhancement on the platform makes a superb trend for many Instagram comedians. Funnily, many of our comedians today do not have a Facebook pages for their skits, unless forged by frauds, instead, they put all their efforts on Instagram. Many of them believe Instagram is a separate digital world on its own and as such, a comedian who doesn’t make IG his major skit platform is not part of the wave and is not ready to kick-start his comedy career yet. It is the easiest way to display their work and make great achievements in no time.

Uploads are made easier on Instagram particularly when it comes to video sharing. A smartphone is enough to achieve your goals on Instagram as a comedian because it is largely a mobile app. Therefore, getting more fans, likes and shares just makes things easier for the comedians including the upcoming ones. Obviously, many of these comedians are able to entertain people mostly on Instagram, than on any other social media platforms.

Instagram coupled with consistency is indeed a boost to the careers of many Nigerian comedians, no wonder comedians such as Woli Agba, Twyse Ereme, Emmanuella, Broda Shaggi, Taaooma, Mr. Macaroni, EmmaOhMyGod, Woli Arole, Asiri, MC Remote among others will not think less to continually utilize the platform as they aim higher in their careers as comedians. Certainly, any Nigerian comedian who is not yet an Instagram user, has not started his/her career no matter how well he/she performs on other social media platforms.

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