Insecurity: For the fourth time, IBR Exit Point Blocked – Lawrence Olisa writes


For the fourth time, the good for nothing people have blocked the exit point of Impact Business Radio Amutajero and Impact Africa Television, Kolapo Ishola Road, Ibadan with stolen container. The Estate demigods who have been warned by the Department of State Security DSS to desist from the act of blocking the station has dare the security body again.


You will agree that the issuance of Radio license is the sole right of the President and Commander of the Armed Forces. Impact Business Radio Amutajero will be 7 on October I, 2022.

But, the demigods of Kolapo Ishola Estate have found the station a security threat to their nefarious activities and stolen wealth. There will never be peace for evil people.

We ask all peace loving Nigerians and the governor of Oyo State Engineer Seyi Makinde to all these people to order as they have been using his name and stay in the estate as an excuse to perpetuate their evil.

History is dialectic and it repeats itself. First, as a tragedy; and, second as a farce. Just before 2019, Fresh FM was destroyed by government agents which gave the government of late Senator Abiola Ajimobi a bad image. It is prudent that Engr. Makinde call these demigods to order before they destroy his good image.

A stitch in time saves nine. It is pertinent that the DSS pick these harbingers of stasis to order and book after they have been advised to stay clear of Impact house, Kolapo Ishola Road, Ibadan.

It is also note worthy that these people dropped the container dead at night instead of a day time. It shows the level of illegality of these nefarious people. What are they hiding? After 7 years, they now noticed that the station pose a security threat to them. How many radio stations are there in Bodija, Ibadan?

Before the bubble burst, security apparati should invite these people to their offices to unearth what they are hiding…

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