Imoyosola Adetoro Invites Dignitaries to Celebrate Legendary Broadcaster Alhaji Ismail Olaniyan’s 60th Birthday and Retirement Party

Emperor Imoyosola Adetoro JP, has extended a gracious invitation to dignitaries and esteemed guests to join him in celebrating the 60th birthday and retirement party of the legendary broadcaster, Alhaji Ismail Olaniyan, fondly known as Dokita Bayonle.

The event is scheduled to take place at Felicia Hall, Jogor Centre, Liberty Road, Ibadan on Thursday, 10th August 2023, starting at 11 am – music by Dr. Yinka Ayefele MON, Chairman, Fresh FM Nigeria.

Emperor Imoyosola Adetoro JP, in his invitation, expressed profound gratitude to Alhaji Ismail Olaniyan for being a guiding light in his journey as a professional broadcaster.

He credits Alhaji Ismail for imparting invaluable knowledge and wisdom that played a pivotal role in shaping him into the accomplished broadcaster he is today.

Notably, Alhaji Ismail Olaniyan has similarly influenced the lives of numerous other broadcasters, leaving a lasting positive impact on the broadcasting community.

The event promises to be a heartwarming and nostalgic gathering as Emperor Imoyosola Adetoro JP and his co-mentees seek to express their appreciation and respect for their beloved mentor while he is still alive.

It will undoubtedly serve as a time to reflect on the cherished memories and the impact Alhaji Ismail Olaniyan has had on the lives of many, as well as an opportunity to celebrate his contributions to the world of broadcasting.

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