Ibadan Media Observers: Yoruba Newspaper review is now a comical show with accidental anchors

One of the regular radio programs on Ibadan radio is the Yoruba version of newspaper review. It has within a while becomes the morning tonic for Ibadan radio listeners/audiences, media observers and enthusiasts. Yoruba newspaper review show is one of the widely acceptable radio programs in the city of Ibadan.

The acceptability of this trend on Ibadan radio could be as a result of individuals being creatively and innovatively imbibing unusual ideas to make their station’s newspaper appealing to listeners.

On the verge of delivering Yoruba newspaper review in rare manner, it seems the ethical standard of the profession has been tampered. This is in accordance to the opinions of some high esteemed media observers in the city of Ibadan.

Couple of days ago, as monitored by PRIMUS MEDIA CITY, a media observer, Oluwatoyin Adeyemi took to her social media platform to condemned the manner of delivery by some presenters on the Yoruba version of newspaper review.

In her words, “I was listening to a radio station early morning Yoruba language Newspapers Review (edited) today and those presenters did something I consider totally unprofessional.

“Right in the middle of the news, after reading a news item about the major contenders of the APC presidential primaries, these newscasters started throwing banters about “who is an ingrate and who is not”

“I couldn’t believe my ears. To imagine that this was supposed to be one of the foremost radio stations in Ibadan, the behaviour of those presenters should be questioned.” She said.

Unfortunately, her observations has generated more reactions on Yoruba Newspaper review on Ibadan radio. Other media observers claimed the show has become a comical one laced with misinformation and mischievous translation of news and unprofessional commentaries. Some described the anchors as accidental broadcaster.

See other reactions below;

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