Ibadan Chief Ariori Offers Apology Following Controversial Remarks on Christians

Mogaji Asimiyu Ariori, the President of the Association of Mogajis in Ibadanland, has expressed regret for his statements made during a recent live radio program in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

Ariori clarified that his comments were in response to a question posed by one of the show’s hosts and were not intended to target any individual or religious group.

Appearing on the live radio program “Bembe Oro,” hosted by Saheed Alatise and Salawat Lukman on Noble 107.1 FM in Ibadan, Ariori had previously made remarks that stirred controversy among some Christian leaders in the state. They interpreted his comments as an attack on Christianity and feared they could incite religious tensions in the historic city.

In an official statement, Ariori emphasized his deep respect for Christians and disavowed any intention to damage the reputation of the religion. He acknowledged having family members, friends, and associates who are Christians and underlined his commitment to interfaith harmony.

Ariori stated, “I wish to extend my heartfelt apologies to our Christian brothers and sisters. My words were not meant to be offensive; we are all one, regardless of our religious differences.”

He reaffirmed his dedication to the progress and development of Ibadanland and Oyo State, urging people not to allow religion to divide them.

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