Head of News at IBR Challenges ‘Hybrid Newscasting’ Notion, Advocates for Clarity in News Presentation

In response to a recent interview conducted by the Primus Media Crew, where a ‘Respected Senior’ in the industry expressed concerns about an alleged innovation called ‘Hybrid Newscasting,’ Wale Morakinyo, Head of News at Impact Business Radio Ibadan, seeks to clarify the misconceptions surrounding this term.

Morakinyo challenges the existence of “Hybrid Newscasting,” asserting that the term lacks recognition in both conventional and contemporary news terminology. He emphasizes that news is inherently formal and devoid of embellishments, maintaining a serious and non-spontaneous nature.

The article suggests that the confusion may stem from a misinterpretation of the concept, proposing that what Dr. Bayo Faleke was likely referring to is “Hybrid Newspaper Reviewing.” Morakinyo distinguishes between news and newspaper reviewing, emphasizing that news must remain a straightforward presentation without room for embellishments, unnecessary inferences, or exaggerations.

The Head of News points out that programs where presenters read from newspapers on radio are not categorized as news but rather as newspaper reviews. In this context, he acknowledges the possibility of a hybrid presentation, but firmly asserts that news itself will never accommodate such a hybrid-casting approach.

Morakinyo concludes by urging readers to revisit Paragraph 5 for a clear understanding of what defines news and why it cannot be subjected to a ‘hybrid-cast.’ The article aims to provide clarity on the nature of news broadcasting and dispel any misconceptions surrounding the term ‘Hybrid Newscasting.’

Here are my submissions:

NEWS is Straight-Jacketed. It is formal and without variations. If it is called news, it must be devoid of embellishments, unnecessary inferences and exaggerations. News is a serious non spontaneous business

Now for the sake of elucidation, howbeit, we can have “Hybrid Newspaper Reviewing”, and I’m sure that was the reference my Senior was hinting at, that’s the reason I said his submissions are valid

Most people mix up the term and idea of News, as opposed to Newspaper Reviewing, hence the need to end this piece on that note, by breaking it down in a layman’s term.

That flagship program you listen to on Radio where the Presenters read from Newspapers, is not called News, it is a Newspaper Review, and anyone anchoring it is not Casting News, he is only reviewing the Newspaper, for this, Hybrid Presentation may be applicable, News will never accommodate such,

Dear reader, kindly refer to Paragraph 5 of this reading, to acquaint once more with what News is, and why it cannot be ‘hybrid-Cast

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