Gbenga Adeboye’s Renaissance by Samuel Ibikunle

Do you remember Gbenga Adeboye?

The Humor merchant and Legendary King of Traditional ‘Oduology’Funwotan, Jengbetiele I of Africa, Alaye Mi Gbengulo, King of Traditional Oduology, Alhaji Pastor Oluwo, Booda Gbenga, World Officially Crowned Oduology King (WOCOK), Okanlomo of Europe, Amuludun of London, Apagunpote of Yorubaland, Grandfather of Oduology

Gbenga Adeboye

Olugbenga Abefe 

The day has come and gone like blinks of eyes, your voice rang like bell in our heart.
Your name has been engraved on the golden rock which can never be cleaned, your story will be rewritten in every script. You were with us yesterday, and your new mansion built beneath the soil. To me you’re dead living because your work still lives on earth.
My pen has ceased to write you a dirge for you’re a wordsmith who cast words into many shapes.
I have chosen to celebrate, remember, and to remind media enthusiasts that a man like you once existed and that you paid the supreme price that we now enjoy.

17 Years after and my heart is heavy, our soul bleeds and the spirit grief
For years of his troubled life span. He grimly fought for life. But when the hopes seem brightest. He gallantly fell. The trumpet that faded all too soon

Whoever knows Agbe would mourn Aro. Whoever knows Aluko would pity Osun. Whoever knows the Egret would mourn the dry cleaner that keeps its white cloaks ever ready. Whoever knows the parrot would run to protect the designer of those magnificent feathers. Abefe is lost to the stick that makes the drum giggle like Agbeniyi Edaoto description. He is lost to the temper of whose hands control the knobs of the vocal tunes

What would I give to clasp his hand?His happy face to see. To hear his voice That meant so much to me
The rolling steam of life rolls on. But still the vacant chair Recalls the love, the voice, the smile. Of the one who once sat there.
The moment you died my heart was ripped into two. One was filled with heartache. The other died with you. I often lie awake at night when the world is fast asleep. And take a walk down memory lane with tears rolling down my cheeks 

Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday. But missing you is the heartache that never goes away. Nothing can take away The love a heart holds dear.

Fond memories linger everyday. Remembrance keeps you near. I hold you tightly within my heartJust as a bottle of cologne retains its fragrance after it is empty.

So does your thoughts and memories  We sleep on you every night. See you when all is new like the dews.
With equal knowledge I have sought knowledge, I have wished to understand the heart of men,I have tried to apprehend Pythagorean power by which Numbers holds sways above the flux. A gem passes away leaving for-long tears on the cheeks

My fellow Mortals, 
When I look to the catafalques and tombs of departed onesEvery emotion, gusto or ecstasy of envies dies in me completely Whenever I read the epitaphs of faithful peopleEvery desire of exigency goes out altogether in accelerated rapidity. Whenever I see the sepulcher of the deadMy heart melts with compassion or lamentations even griefAnd I consider the vanity, futility and ineptitude of grieving for those we may follow someday.
Gbenga! Your character and activities has portrayed you as a man of celebrated qualities and nobility. The vacuum you left will be difficult to fill.Friends, families and Fans I cannot refrain from tendering you, the consolation that may be found in giving thanks to God. For we are to rule and reign after him.May the anguish of our bereavement be assuaged and leave us with only the cherished memories of our beloved.The solemn pride must be ours to have seen his last trip to the grave which some faded flowers intended but couldn’t; But in the hope that it may be no intrusion upon the sacredness of our sorrow and distress. I have ventured to address you this tribute.

To the memory of our devoted pillar of kindness and your deceased sire. May God almighty establish peace, long life, and prosperity within the bereaved family and grant us the fortitude to bear the irreversible loss.

Gbenga Adeboye Was a Nigerian Singer, Comedian, Radio Presenter and Master of Ceremony. He was born on 30th September 1959 at Odeomu, Osun State, Nigeria. He died of kidney-related diseases on April 30, and was buried on May 14 2003Gbenga Adeboye is one of the Pioneer Founders of FIBAN [Freelance and Independent Broadcasters’ Association of Nigeria] in Nigeria, an Independent Cooperate Body of Qualified Broadcasters.

May we meet Again….

Collection of Gbenga Adeboye’s works

It is with esteemed pleasure that I am announcing my next project tagged “GBENGA ADEBOYE’S RENNAISANCE”.On this Project, I will work on how his Old VHS records can be accessible in modern forms, and I will create Exclusive Documentary on his Lifetime and After Death.I will like to work with anyone who is interested in this course and cause, Media Enthusiasts, Fans, Sponsors, Media Houses, Bloggers and all desiring.Also in my forthcomings Live Shows, I will bring together lots of fond memories and stakeholders to tell the unheard stories and unsung victories of this great Hero in the “Talking Business”
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Samuel Ibikunle ArugboBoisi

Broadcast Journalist | Cinematographer/Photographer | Presenter | Historian | Communication Coach | MC

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  1. Just seeing this project, Arugbo…, you have demonstrated academic prowess and professional instinct to manifest the rare qualitied endowed Gbenga Adeboye.I sincerely applaud you for this work but very many boys in the media today are tapping from Gbengas legacy and never bothered to acknowledge ABEFE, shame on them, Samuel, you carry on God is behind you

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