Former BCOS Broadcaster Hameed Adediran Discourages Adoption of Unnatural Baritone

Former BCOS Broadcaster and medical expert Hameed Adediran, known as “Medicaster,” urges Ibadan male On-Air Personalities (OAPs) to recognize the importance of a resonant baritone voice in broadcasting.

In a straightforward message, he challenged OAPs to embrace and maintain the uniqueness of their voices, discouraging the adoption of unnatural or less authentic tones.

In a recent post on his social media, he stated, “Dear Ibadan male OAPs, when it comes to baritone, if it isn’t there, it isn’t. You don’t have to sound like a frog. It’s not appealing. At all! Thanks for your cooperation.”

This plea for cooperation aligns with his belief that genuine and unique voices significantly enhance the appeal and credibility of broadcasters.

Hameed Adediran, a medical doctor, management consultant, and media practitioner, is a Fellow of both the Royal Society for Public Health (UK) and the Institute of Management Consultants.

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