Fast Rising OAP Ibidun Mustapha Bids Farewell to Vintage FM

Fast Rising Radio Presenter Ibidun Mustapha well known as “Iwalewa” has chosen to gracefully bowed out of Vintage 93.7 FM Ibadan.

After dedicating numerous months to the airwaves, Ibidun expressed gratitude for the invaluable experiences gained during her time at the renowned radio station.

Reflecting on the journey, she remarked, “It’s really been a good and a rough one, and we say it’s part of the experience; it’s a memorable and a time well spent.” Her departure from Vintage 93.7FM marks the end of a chapter filled with both triumphs and challenges.

Ibidun shared insights into the profound lessons learned during her stay, emphasizing the significance of patience, humility, and effective human management in the dynamic field of radio broadcasting.

As she bids farewell to Vintage 93.7FM Ibadan, Ibidun expressed hope for her continued professional growth. “I pray my next professional home gives me a great opportunity to learn more and be a better version of myself,” she conveyed, hinting at an exciting future on the horizon.

The announcement, made with gratitude and optimism, also included a note of appreciation for the unwavering support and prayers extended by listeners during her time at Vintage 93.7FM.

Ibidun concluded her message by assuring her audience that details about her next broadcasting venture will be revealed in due course.

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