Evelyn Ohiolei Achieves International Recognition as Certified Professional Manager

Evelyn Ohiolei, a distinguished voice on Rave FM Osogbo, has been inducted into the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA-UK) as a licensed Associate. The induction, which took place on the 11th of November 2023, marks a significant milestone in Evelyn’s professional journey.

Evelyn also attained the title of International Professional Manager with the completion of an advanced Professional Post-Graduate Diploma in Organisational Development and Transformation (ODT). This certification reinforces her commitment to staying abreast of new ideas and understanding evolving management dynamics in the workplace, crucial for navigating the complexities of modern organizations.

Expressing her fulfillment, Evelyn highlighted the importance of continuous learning in dealing with the growing pressures and constant changes within organizations. The certification from IPMA-UK has equipped her with robust analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as a comprehensive set of international management and consultancy expertise.

As a seasoned Media Strategist, Evelyn recognizes the escalating stakes in her field and vows not to rest on her laurels. Her focus remains on embracing new challenges with the determination to excel, embodying a spirit of continuous growth and achievement.

Evelyn Ohiolei concludes, “Cheers to new milestones and constant growth! 壟 Winning always. ”

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