#ENDSARS: Nigerians hail popular Skit Maker, Mr. Macaroni for going the extra mile

Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr. Macaroni has earned the praise of Nigerians, especially on social media as he came all out yesterday to support the on going #ENDSARS campaign and agitation going on across the Southern part of Nigeria. 

The thespian, who is famous for his depiction of a randy old man in his skits, surprised many Nigerians by revealing his activist part, when he led the peaceful protesters to the Lagos House, where they demanded to be addressed by the Governor. Unfortunately, the protesters were not attended to by any of the Principal officers of the State, till the Chief of Staff, came out later in the day to tell the protesters to go and bring a letter of demand to see the Governor. 

The protesters, led by Mr. Macaroni insisted letters brought in the past have not been attended to, therefore they were not towing that path again, thereby refusing to leave. Mr. Macaroni and his fellow protesters slept overnight on the bare floor in front of the Lagos House, insisting they will not go till they get the desired response. Nigerians on social media has been hailing the Instagram comedian, for leading by example and lending his voice to this on going agitation bravely. 

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