Efficiency of Online Streaming in the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic

By Olajumoke Okunade

2020 hit, and the Corona Virus hit too. Every country, every industry and every person in the world felt the blow of the effect of this unexpected pandemic. Churches were closed, large gatherings were prohibited, parties became illegal, every one was confined to the four walls of their homes.

At this trying time, people needed to live their lives and live ‘normally’. Churches needed to hold services, large families needed to gather and give themselves the necessary emotional support. Music lovers wanted to feel their favourite artiste’s songs pulsating through their veins while singing and dancing at music concerts.

Online streaming of events came to the rescue. Churches could now hold services online and reach out to thousands and, hundreds of thousands of people via the Internet. For months, while nations were in lockdown, several online streaming platforms such as Zoom, YouTube, Mixlr, Facebook, etc became the heroes of the day.

Asides from churches, political rallies, award shows, concerts, meetings were also streamed online. Every large gathering was taken to the internet, except for some protests that arose in some countries of the world.

Online streaming has enabled people to understand that remote gatherings might be just as efficient as physical gatherings. People now have a view of what technology should be like in decades and centuries to come. Many have come to appreciate the advantages of technological advancement than they have in times past.

The further spread of the pandemic has been slowed down by online streaming of events, which would have otherwise required very close contact.

Fortunately for many of us, the several streaming platforms were as efficient as we would have wished it to be. Every one was able to experience the ecstasy of being in a church service or in a concert without being physically present.

Online streaming has been so efficient, that many would not think twice before opting for it now and in future.

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