Dr. Bayo Faleke charges skit makers on creativity, moral value

A brilliant Yoruba newscaster and radio presenter with Fresh FM Nigeria, Adebayo Faleke has charged the skit makers on the need to be more creative and also appreciating moral value rather than creating ‘yansh skits all the time??’

In a report gathered by Primus Media City on Sunday, 5 July, 2022, the veteran Yoruba newscaster certainly revealed his dissatisfaction to the skit makers by not putting moral value into consideration while they make skits for the society.

According to Dr. Adebayo, “Our skit makers should try and be more creative jare! Moral value should also be taken into consideration jor…

He opined that creating skits that shows the buttocks of ladies always is becoming irritating and monotonous in the society. “…E wo mi Yansh skits all the time?? It’s becoming irritating & monotonous jor.”

Dr. Adebayo Faleke is the founder of TV Afrikana/Kakaaki Radio in Ibadan. He’s a radio entertainer who has made tremendous impact in Ibadan media industry. The former Splash FM staff is an household name in Nigeria with lots of awards and recognitions in and outside the industry.

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