Distinct Advocacy for Youths Empowerment & Healthier Society honors Odetayo Temilorun as Distinguished Ambassador

In recognition of her outstanding performances as a teenager, Distinct Advocacy for Youths Empowerment & Healthier Society (DAYEHS) has presented an Award of Recognition to a Primus Media Academy Product and a presenter at Success FM, Odetayo Temilorum Bright as a Distinguished DAYEHS Ambassador.

The award ceremony, held at the DAYEHS headquarters in Ibadan. At just her teen age, she has already marked her place as the youngest presenter on Ibadan Radio, showcasing her talent and commitment to her craft.

In his remarks, the representative of DAYEHS, commended Odetayo for her tireless efforts in promoting the welfare of youths and her commitment to creating a positive change in society.

With this recognition, Odetayo joins an esteemed group of individuals who is contributing and inspiring the young minds.

This achievement serves as a motivation to young people everywhere, demonstrating that their efforts can make a real difference in the world.

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