Dexterity Group: Ayo Emmanuel Apologies to  Pst. Akin-Alamu after dragging him online

Ayo Emmanuel apologised to Pastor Dexter Akin-Alamu of Dexterity Group after dragging him on social media platforms for owning his immediate workers salaries for several months and yet trending a circulation of job vacancy in the firm.

He has therefore taken to his social media platforms to explain Pastor Akin-Alamu innocence of his recent accusation to the general public as gathered by Primus Media City.

The statement read:

You would recall that on 16th May, 2021 I shared on this app how I worked for Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU and was owed Salary of several months which has not been paid as at today despite several demands for it. After reading his responses and correspondences on his behalf, I wish to state that:

1. It is true that he, Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU never employed me personally but for and on behalf of Dexterity Group.
2. On some occasions (as his reply to my post also shows), Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU paid us cash, possibly from his personal money. Not just that, he had Whatsapp conversation with me apologising for the delay in payment and giving me personal reasons why the salary was being owed;

3. The name of the “company” is Dexterity Group, a group comprising of 2 other companies, all of which I worked for (KINGDOM AFRICA TV AND DEXTERITY TV ENTERTAINMENT);

4. The CEO of the company as at the time I worked for Dexterity Group was Mrs. JOLA AKIN-ALAMU , the wife of Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMI;
5. The Dexterity Group is named after Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU and the name of the group can only but draw your attention to one and no other person than Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU just as any and every Dangote company/product can only draw your attention to one man;

7. Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU by his position and influence in the company and by the use of his most popular name as the name of the Group has influence to a large extent to influence the decisions of the company (as shown in his interaction with us on the job);

8. Although the companies and Group are distinct unnatural human persons from Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU , however, based on his position in them, I saw him as the “owner” of them and “one with them.” This was also portrayed in how he related with us;
Consequently, I apologise for drawing the attention of the person of Mr. DEXTER AKIN ALAMU as though he was “my employer” and also apologise for every trouble my post may have caused him. The error was based on the conversation (WHATSAPP CHAT) I had with him and also how the companies revolved around him;
I shall, however, proceed accordingly to take legal industrial steps and actions against the company, my true employer for the recovery of my wages.

I hereby call on the public to disregard my posts and comments (which I have pulled down) against Mr. DEXTER AKIN-ALAMU regarding my unpaid outstanding wages. My true employer was Dexterity Group named after him (and of which he most likely has the most share holding).
Thank you._

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