Desmond Ike-Chima Receives Editor of the Year Award at NMNA 2023

During a night of celebration and acknowledgment, Desmond Ike-Chima, the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of ENigeria Newspaper, achieved a significant win at the 17th Nigeria Media Night-Out Awards 2023. He secured the prestigious Editor of the Year award.

The Nigeria Media Night-Out Awards is a renowned event dedicated to recognizing outstanding journalists and media professionals nationwide. The event was held at the esteemed Lagos Airport Hotel, and it attracted various influential figures from the media industry, prominent politicians, and society elites.

Desmond Ike-Chima, an experienced journalist with a decade of accomplishments, emerged victorious in a competitive category that featured other accomplished newspaper editors. Sola Olugbenro, the Convener of NMNA, highlighted the rigorous selection process and the significance of this recognition in the media field.

Upon receiving the award, Ike-Chima expressed his gratitude and dedicated it to his son, Kamsiyochukwu, whose birth marked a turning point in his life. He also encouraged fellow journalists to uphold professionalism in their work to earn greater respect in society. Ike-Chima acknowledged the efforts of his colleagues and the award organizers, attributing the honor to divine intervention.

Desmond Ike-Chima’s distinguished career is characterized by a history of investigative journalism that has transformed online journalism. He possesses a talent for engaging storytelling and a strong commitment to uncovering the truth. Before founding ENigeria Newspaper in 2008, he had an impressive track record as a staff reporter and editor.

His investigative work and reporting style are guided by the core belief that journalism can play a crucial role in holding public officials and government entities accountable. Throughout his career, he has faced challenges, including pressure from corrupt corporate entities and harassment by law enforcement agencies while carrying out his professional duties within the confines of the law.

Ike-Chima is also recognized as a new media enthusiast with a keen interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and an extensive knowledge of Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Beyond journalism, he is passionate about content creation on platforms like YouTube and other digital media. His interests extend to travel, photography, and exploring new horizons.

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