Consoled but Pained: Folakemimighty of Lagelu FM lost mum on Easter Saturday

The popular pidgin presenter on Lagelu 96.7 FM Folakemi Arowolo, fondly called “Folakemimighty” lost her dear mother, Janet Olufunmilayo Arowolo to the cold hands of death on Easter Saturday, April 16, 2022.

Folakemimighty in her farewell, described her late mother as her super hero, prayer warrior, strong and irreplaceable in her life. Late Mrs. Janet Arowolo lived 26th Oct 1952 – 16th April,2022.

Her farewell reads:

I’ll miss singing hymns with you, I’ll miss making your hair. I’ll miss sharing Amala with you in the same plate. I’ll miss the way you fondly called me Asake, Mummy’s Lover.

I’ll miss you Mummy, My super Hero, my Prayer Warrior. You were strong. You told me Life could be tough but I must be tougher. Mummy, I’ll miss the little quarrels. I’ll miss the frequent pecks and cuddles each time we were together.

Mummy, Asake would miss you o.
You’re singing with the Angels now. Mummy! Ebuntanfe would miss you too. All I can say is that I’ll miss you.

As I type I am smiling and shedding tears. Mummy, I knew you would pass someday you were a fighter o. Ah! Mummy e try gann! But se mon, you followed your path.

Fly with the Angels. I am consoled but I am pained. Omoooo, that kind of wound so deep that no one can treat for me. But I’ll hold on , your Baby Girl would keep holding on.

You left me with your sweet memories, I cant even beleive you’re gone. I can almost feel your warmth. Iya mi Ashani, Sleep, Rest in Peace (ooops! Did I just type that last part)

I Love You Mummy.
26th Oct 1952 – 16th April ,2022)

The household name FOLAKEMI AROWOLO is an award-winning OAP, girls advocate and humanitarian. She is well respected as one of the brilliant voices on the radio in Ibadan, especially on women matters and in gospel circles.

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