One of the OAPs with an exceptional management skills that Ibadan and its environs are enjoying is this versatile Sport news and Sport business radio/TV Presenter and Editor, Eniola Afolabi. Eniola Afolabi is the Pioneer Operations Manager of Impact Africa Television IATV. He is the regular anchor of AM Sports,Continue Reading

Hopefully the government of the day can help revive… Also this is a clarion call to all higher institutions of learning where… A clarion call also to Investors out there. Ibadan is The largest city in West Africa hence it has the potential to be able to house the biggest… Read the full interview below.Continue Reading

Who is Rahmat Kajola? Rahmat Kajola is an easygoing outspoken lady who loves reading, writing, exploring, meeting new innovative people and communicating especially using the Yoruba language in a way of promoting its language ,culture, values and norms. Tell us about your educational background? Schooling has been in Ibadan rightContinue Reading