BON, SNB Commend Adelabu for the Transparent Distribution of Palliatives, Call for Improved Electricity and Food Subsidies

In a joint statement issued by the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON) and the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters (SNB), Oyo State through their state spokesperson, Comrade ‘Seun Awodele, the Minister of Power, Chief Bayo Adelabu, has been praised for his proactive efforts in utilizing the media to distribute 10,000 bags of rice as palliatives on behalf of the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led Federal Government.

The statement highlighted that as part of the distribution, 50 bags of rice, each weighing 25kg, were allocated to 45 radio stations across the state for further distribution to the masses and media staff. This move was applauded as a timely intervention to alleviate the hardships faced by many Nigerians during these challenging times occasioned by the fuel subsidy removal and CBN’s monetary policies as it affects inflation and exchange rates to the US dollar.

While commending the Minister for his forthrightness and dedication to serving the people, Comrade ‘Seun Awodele also called for attention to the critical issue of electricity stabilization. The statement commended the Minister for his efforts in this regard but emphasized the importance of ensuring a reliable and affordable electricity supply to empower businesses, industries, and households. A stable electricity supply is essential for transitioning Nigeria from a consumer-driven economy to a more productive one, fostering economic growth and job creation.

Moreover, to ensure that no one is left behind in the palliative distribution, the statement urged the Federal Government to consider implementing subsidies for food items at the production level. By subsidizing food production, the benefits of subsidies on fuel and electricity could filter down to every corner of Nigeria, particularly benefiting the most vulnerable populations. Access to affordable food is crucial for ensuring food security and improving the overall well-being of the populace.

In conclusion, the statement reiterated the appreciation for the Minister of Power’s efforts and dedication to serving the nation. It underscored the importance of addressing key issues such as electricity stabilization and food subsidies to create a more equitable and prosperous society for all Nigerians. The collaborative efforts between the government and the broadcasting industry were also acknowledged as essential for effective communication and outreach to the public during times of need.

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