Blast Urban FM GM Kenny Ogunmiloro Urges Listeners Against Changing Radio Dial During Commercial Breaks

Popular radio host and the General Manager of Blast Urban FM Ibadan Kenny Ogunmiloro has urged the audience to resist the temptation to switch stations or turn off their radios during commercial breaks.

As gathered on his Facebook feed, Ogunmiloro, known for his Sportscasting emphasized the crucial role that advertisements play in sustaining the radio industry.

“Dear radio listener, pls stop tuning to other radio stations or off your radio when we take commercial breaks on our shows. The adverts are the reason we come to work every day to entertain/inform you on our shows,” Ogunmiloro stated.

He went on to explain that advertisers strategically place their commercials during specific shows because they are aware of the dedicated listenership. “The adverts are strategically placed on our shows because the advertisers know you are listening; you don’t help us if you tune away because of the adverts,” he added.

Ogunmiloro’s message resonated with the broader radio community, as many radio stations heavily depend on advertising revenue to sustain operations. He humorously urged listeners not to let this habit carry into the upcoming year, stating, “Make una no let this follow una enter 2024.”

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