Blast FM Ibadan Head of Programs Segun Fawole Raises Concerns Over Private Radio Stations’ News Standards

Olusegun Fawole, Head of Programs at Blast FM Ibadan, expressed concern over the deviation of some private radio stations in Ibadan from the standards observed on Radio Nigeria.

Fawole, who dedicated at least 18 hours to monitoring news, emphasized the importance of professional news readers who adhere to journalistic principles, ensuring accuracy, objectivity, and fairness.

He raised questions about whether some private stations prioritize these standards or opt for individuals who may not follow the rules of news delivery. The need for professionalism, credibility, and adherence to news reporting principles was underscored in his observations.

I dedicated  if not a whole day at least 18 hours listening to and monitoring news  on different private radio stations in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

It saddens me to highly note that broadcast stations (some) are drifting away from what I hear on Radio Nigeria.

Few questions popped up which I crave for your indulgence to ask.

What is News?
News refers to current information about events, developments, and incidents happening locally, nationally, or globally. It serves as a means of communicating information to the public, keeping them informed and aware of what is happening around them.

Why should news be read by professional news reader?

News should be read by professional news readers for several reasons. Firstly, professional news readers are trained in journalism and have a deep understanding of the principles of reporting, such as accuracy, objectivity, and fairness. They possess the skills to gather and verify information from reliable sources, ensuring that the news they present is reliable and trustworthy.

Secondly, professional news readers have the ability to effectively communicate news to a wide audience. They have honed their delivery skills, including tone, pacing, and pronunciation, to ensure that the information is conveyed clearly and comprehensively. This is essential in delivering news in a way that is easily understood and impactful.

Thirdly, professional news readers bring a level of professionalism and credibility to the news. They are knowledgeable about the topics they report on and are able to provide context and analysis, helping the audience to better understand complex issues. Their expertise and experience help to establish trust with viewers or listeners, making them more inclined to believe and rely on the information being presented.

Finally, professional news readers play a crucial role in delivering news accurately, effectively, and credibly. Their training, skills, and professionalism contribute to ensuring that the news is of high quality and serves the best interests of the audience.

With these few factors above, do I now conclude that some private radio stations choose to have anyhow person read the new without taking cognizance of the rules of news?

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