Bhadoosky joined a handful of ENDSARS protesters in Ibadan

Yesterday, the 8th of October, the clamour and agitation for the Nigerian Police Force to disband their Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit, simply referred to as SARS, took a different dimension. Nigerians all over the country took to the streets to peacefully protest against the continued existence of the very notorious unit, known for its brutalization of innocent Nigerian Citizens.  

The city of Ibadan was however not left out yesterday, when a handful of protesters converged in front of the University of Ibadan, to peacefully protest by carrying placards and stating their demands via a megaphone. 

Despite the discouraging turnout, popular influencer and Twitter warlord, Bhadmus Akeem, popularly known as Bhadoosky, joined the few protesters to add his voice and presence to the campaign. Bhadoosky yesterday proved that he is not just a talker but a doer, as many other vocal celebrities and influencers in the city were no where to be found. 

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