Being top-heavy is my selling point – Damilola Oni

The shining star in the media and movie Industry, Oluwadamilola Oni of Africa Magic Yoruba, in an interview has stated that being top-heavy is a big selling point for her in all she does.

Primus Media City gathered in an interview published by Nigerian Trubune, when asked whether she would love to do a movie or skit, “I would love to do a real movie of course” she said.

She added that though skit-making has become an industry on its own now and it’s a good thing that we are seeing how the lockdown and other factors gave birth to the rise of skit-making and to make it a big industry. If I am invited to be a part of any skit, I will not hesitate but I will choose a real movie over skits.

She further explained how her boobs become her selling point in her field of work, saying that she does not know what it means to be top-heavy but, of course, everybody has their own personality and selling point.

“So, I guess, having an attractive body makes me an attraction, so I can call it a selling point because of the social media world. Then the opposite sex has a photo chromic memory; that they would rather dwell on what they see than any other thing. So going by your words, being top-heavy is a big selling point for me.

Damilola Oni is an On-Air-Personality with Africa Magic Yoruba where she co-host the Yoruba magazine show, “Aajiirebi .” The shining star is also a Nollywood actress that is currently making wave in the industry.

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