Battle of disclaimers as Splash FM Abeokuta and its pioneer Station Manager part ways!

Splash FM Abeokuta Studio

Just some few months ago, Splash FM, the first private radio station in Ibadan extend its tentacles to neighboring Ogun State by opening up another station in the rock city, Abeokuta, the State capital. 

The new station took off smoothly and has since then been enjoying a good ride, gradually and successfully warming itself into the minds of the good people of Ogun State. However, the station may have suffered a setback as it has part ways unceremoniously with some of its pioneer staff, prominent among which is the station’s manager, Victor Eniola Mark.

Victor Eniola Mark

 Victor Eniola Mark has been around for a while in the city of Ibadan, where he was affiliated to different stations like Diamond FM, Space FM and Ray Power at different times before moving to Abeokuta city where he was a management staff with Sweet FM before crossing over to Splash FM at its inception, some few months ago. 

On Saturday, the 15th of August he shared a news story from a certain blog (not Primus Media Blog) on his Facebook page where he announced that he has dumped the station alongside some other prominent management staff, with the caption; “It is not a rumour. confirmed!”. According to the story and its tone, it is obvious that the separation was not without bitterness. 
Some few minutes after that, the station issued an official disclaimer on its official Facebook page as well where the station claimed the appointment of Mr. Victor Eniola Mark has been terminated, on 15th August, 2020 and warned the general public against transacting any form of business with him on behalf of the station.

 From our own preliminary investigation, we suspect that this seemingly bitter divorce may not be unconnected to some endorsement deal secured by Mr. Eniola some few weeks ago, with a certain real estate company, Splash Estate.

The endorsement deal was so confusing that the management of the station had to issue a disclaimer on the 6th of August to distance the station from the ownership of the real estate company.

Apart from the similar names of both organizations and the colour similarity. Some inside sources alleged that Mr. Victor Eniola Mark was deliberating using words and captions capable of misleading the public to believe the 2 companies are one and the same, and this may not have gone down well with the station, which was why they issued the 6th of August disclaimer. On the other hand, the issuance of the public disclaimer by the station may not have gone down well with Mr. Victor Eniola Mark as well, as he may have felt disrespected and misrepresented by the station’s action.

Till otherwise proven, keen observers believe this could be the major reason for the divorce of these two media entities, but whatever it turned out to be, we wish them both success as they forge ahead individually.   

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