Baby Named After Erikanmi Programme on Crest FM Akure

The Oladapo family at Customs Powerline Area, Akure, recently celebrated the safe arrival of a healthy baby boy, whom they named Erikanmi, after a pledge made during the Erikanmi Programme.

The journey to this joyous occasion was filled with uncertainty and concern. The expectant mother, whose name is yet to be disclosed, experienced a difficult moment during her pregnancy as the baby faced complications in the womb. Medical professionals had their doubts, but hope came from an unexpected source – the Erikanmi Programme.

Mr. Olapade, the father, had heard of testimonies of miraculous births and answered prayers through the Erikanmi Programme. Filled with faith and determination, he made a heartfelt pledge that if the child arrived safely, they would name him Erikanmi.

Their prayers were answered as the baby boy arrived safely, without any complications. Overjoyed by this miraculous event, the family proudly named their new bundle of joy Erikanmi, a testament to the power of faith and the program that had brought them hope. They also gave him the name Moyinoluwa, symbolizing their gratitude and joy.

The Host of Erikanmi programme, and the Winner of Primus Media Awards 2023 Star category, Oladipupo Oluwatobi of Crest FM Akure was present to share in the family’s joy and presented them with gift. He expressed his happiness for the Oladapo family and encouraged others to hold onto their faith, reminding them that their own testimonies might be just around the corner.

The birth of baby Erikanmi stands as a remarkable testament to the power of faith and the profound impact of the Erikanmi Programme. This heartwarming story serves as a source of inspiration for others, demonstrating that miracles can happen when hope, faith, and love come together to defy the odds.

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