Ayegbajeje Accuses Afouda of Mischief, Alleges Intentional Distortion in Blog Interview

In a recent turn of events, popular Yoruba sportscaster, Mr. Sola Ayegbajeje, widely known as AyegbaSport, has accused Afouda Samuel of Primus Media City of intentional distortion in a recent interview published by an online blog.

Speaking to The CyberProf International, AyegbaSport revealed that his resignation from Vintage 93.7 FM was misrepresented in the viral news that circulated online.

He claimed that Afouda interviewed him over the phone, and despite providing a detailed explanation of his departure due to financial constraints at the station, the journalist intentionally twisted the narrative for sensationalism.

AyegbaSport clarified that there was no conflict between him and Vintage FM. Instead, he stated that the station requested his voluntary resignation due to financial difficulties, emphasizing that he was among the top three earners facing salary delays. He recounted the circumstances leading to his resignation, mentioning that the station assured him of settling his outstanding salaries for September and October before he left.

Expressing dismay over the distorted news on Primus, AyegbaSport insisted that Afouda’s version differed significantly from their actual conversation. He asserted that Afouda deliberately aimed to tarnish his reputation with misleading information.

In his years in the broadcasting industry, AyegbaSport affirmed a clean record, stating that he has never received a query throughout his career. He concluded by expressing surprise at the misleading portrayal of events on Primus, urging a correction to set the record straight.

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