Are Icons the Beyhives of Africa? – Hamid Sowemimo


DISCLAIMER: I am not an Icon!


The Beyhive as the urban dictionary defines it, refers to Beyonce’s fandom. Members of the Beyhive are usually women and gay men who obsess over Beyonce to no end. They play her music to DEATH. 

This definition was posted 2011  meaning it originally originated that year. It has existed about 9 years and the cult like following still exist. Before I move on, I made a google search about the Beyhive and  Alas ! I saw about 40 search results enough for me to optimise and utilise in this treatise even I assure myself that I could earn a degree knowing about Beyoncé  and furthering my studies at Copenhagen, Denmark where she is taken as a course in gender and equality but the treatise is not entirely about Beyoncé, For ICONS are not left out. Recently the BBNaija winner, Laycon, kept hope alive and affirmed the underdog like belief in many people displacing the Elitistic mentality of success, even creating a more fiercer Fandom than  the previous winners by establishing a perfect record of 30% win by votes with constant trends on Twitter,  massive support from both media celebrity and fans alike. Thus, a new cult following like emerged, the ICON.  As the topic of the article questions  implies whether the ICON are exactly like the Beyhives of the world in all variation. Are they in comparison and contrast ?  No, because it is too early to make such comparison. Although they might share the same similarities but one lacks the strength to be in the league of the Beyhives. We have had TachaTitan, Mercy Eke and miracle fandom for a while which did last for about a year or two year, the Titans while the Beyhives Fandom has been in existence for about 9years, almost a decade. 

To say ICON is too Beyhives is to ask whether Laycon can sustain his fame through whatever creativity he manifest that gives him a more larger audience that goes across the entire Africa continent. If not, the ICons would diminish awaiting another BBNaija fandom to exist. Like Beyoncé Knowles not only winning 9 Grammy award or  having a course in her name and being  a strong symbol of feminism. She has established her Artivism (a combination of Creativity and activism)  disintegrating it into the cause of gender right, Humanitarian activism. By this her brand and legacy will go beyond the diva legends as she will be immortalised as a goddess in her persistent growth. 

Laycon at the grand finale of BBN 2020

For the Icons who are still drunk in love with Laycon might wake up from the intoxicant, if Laycon do not strike while the iron is hot, and move on with another new trend. Despite do Queen Bee, Beyoncé, takes a break from the entertainment scenery, she still stays as the Mother Queen Bee. I am not imposing the idea that ICON is not a force to reckon with. It can and has the potential of being the next Fandom if it can sustain it brand for the next  few years persistently. It boils down to Consistency without compliments and complaint in his creativity. He needs to pick a struggle through his Artivism as he already recently condemned the  SARZ movement, he needs more than that but at first his career should be built solidly on the foundation of his Fans Support and Fame. 

So  I believe while reading this the answer has been given. And as a believer of the Underdog story and signs while checking the definition of Laycon by Google. Laycon – Detailed Meaning. The name of Laycon makes you a deep thinker, idealistic, and studious. Personal experiences of an intuitive nature have given you an awareness of the invisible forces of nature causing you to theorize about life and its mysteries. Thus, Yes there is a possibility, it can flourish to the be the Beyhives of Africa.

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