Anike Agbaje-Williams, Africa’s First Female TV Presenter, Celebrates 87th Birthday

Anike Agbaje-Williams, Africa’s first female TV presenter, celebrated her 87th birthday on October 23rd. She is a pioneer in Nigerian broadcasting and an icon in the industry.

Agbaje-Williams was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1936. She began her career in broadcasting in 1959 as an announcer and broadcaster on WNTV, the first television station in Nigeria. She was the first female broadcaster on the station and quickly rose to prominence.

Agbaje-Williams was known for her intelligence, wit, and professionalism. She was a role model for many young Nigerian women who aspired to careers in broadcasting. She also helped to pave the way for other female broadcasters in Africa.

In addition to her work as an announcer and broadcaster, Agbaje-Williams also produced and directed programs at WNTV. She retired from broadcasting in 1986 but has continued to be a vocal advocate for the industry.

Agbaje-Williams is a true pioneer in Nigerian broadcasting and an inspiration to many. She is a role model for women everywhere and a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

Happy birthday, Anike Agbaje-Williams!

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