Amb. Yemi Farounbi: Radio Station Must Serve Public Interest, Not Just Profits

Amb. Yemi Farounbi, a distinguished veteran broadcaster and former Ambassador of Nigeria to the Philippines, delivered a compelling message to executives and participants at the Primus Media Conference 2.0. The conference, which took place on Friday, September 8, 2023, at the Mauve 21 event center in Ring-Road Challenge, Ibadan, gathered prominent CEOs from the broadcasting industry to delve into the theme, “Professionalism and Profitability: The Dilemma of a 21st Century Broadcaster.”

In a powerful address, Amb. Yemi Farounbi stressed that the operating license held by broadcasting executives is a trust vested in them by the people. He emphasized the paramount importance of using this privilege to serve the public’s interest rather than solely for profit-driven motives. His words resonated deeply with the attendees, highlighting the ethical responsibilities that come with their roles in the media industry.

The Primus Media Conference 2.0, organized by Primus Media City, provided a platform for industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing contemporary broadcasters. The event aimed to bridge the gap between commercial success and ethical journalism, promoting the dual goals of professionalism and profitability.

Key topics of discussion included maintaining high journalistic standards in the face of economic pressures, adhering to codes of ethics, and ensuring that media outlets prioritize the public’s right to information. The conference also explored innovative strategies to balance financial viability with responsible broadcasting.

CEOs and executives from various media organizations engaged in discussions and shared insights on achieving a harmonious equilibrium between professionalism and profitability in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Amb. Yemi Farounbi’s thought-provoking address left a lasting impression, challenging industry leaders to uphold the trust placed in them by the people and strive for excellence in both journalism and commerce.

Primus Media Conference 2.0 successfully served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and reflection within the broadcasting industry, fostering a renewed commitment to ethical journalism and responsible media practices in the 21st century.

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