Alhaja Kaola SexTape: Hon. Rasaq Boladale writes NBC, Fresh FM Ibadan

One Hon. Rasaq Boladale has written an open letter to the management of Fresh FM, Ibadan and the National Broadcasting Commission to take action over the trending sex tape of Alhaja Kafilat Ahmonda Rufai (KAOLA) who anchors an Islamic program on Fresh FM, Ibadan.


It’s of no doubt Fresh Fm radio is one of the leading Radio stations in Ibadan , South West and Nigeria as a whole!

This is not just an hyperbole but reality base on statistic made available by the appropriate quarters.

I Rasaq BOLADALE Raheem myself as Oyo State born Youth who also is a Radio lovers can boldly say, Fresh Fm broadcasting with professionalism “nurtures by experience”

Now! On that note i am writing on behalf of Oyo State Youths , most especially the Muslims as they are more concerned of sex video saga is concerned of one of your broadcasters in your platform Fresh Fm, the presenter who anchors an Islamic program tagged “Albayan” Alhaja Kafilat Ahmonda Rufai (KAOLA) made to public space some weeks ago and she’s yet to debunked of knowing nothing about this erotic, irrational and barbaric act that (Should not be seen in public) now calculating on social media and also becomes a threading topic for the bloggers.

Therefore! We as Oyo State Youths seen this as an act that may bring immortality into our state, to the muslim community and Nigeria as a whole as Alhaja KAOLA happens to be a role model to many young muslims and non muslims in our state and abroad.

However! If Alhaja Kafilat Ahmonda Rufai KAOLA refuses to SUE the person who made this video to public space in the court of law been in a well recognized Sharia law court or the conventional court and also to defend herself of many unbelievable allegations levelled against her, then we shall concluded that she is part co conspirators of the incident of sex video which is against what she is preaching, the symbol she carries and what she stands for, we expected Alhaja Kafilat Ahmonda Rufai KAOLA to frown against this by engage her lawyer in other to put the person (behind the bar) instead she came on radio on her last prog on 25th March 2022 and invoking curses on a live radio program which with our little knowledge of broadcasting code that this is against the (Not To Be Broadcast) NTBB and which are the reasons we are calling on NBC in Oyo State for now under the leadership of Mr Akpan Raphael and the CEO of fresh fm Dr Yinka Ayefele to SUSPEND the anchor of the Friday program from 9-10 pm tagged “Al’ bayan” Alhaja Kafilat Ahmonda Rufai KAOLA if possible to suspend the her entire programs to come live on any of your platforms for now till she proven not guilt of the many allegations levelled against her by court of law.


1) Alhaja Kafilat Ahmonda Rufai KAOLA represents an image of millions of people interest in Oyo State, and Nigeria as a whole and the interest has to be protected or better still not be tannish.

2) Alhaja Kaola is a role model to the young muslims and non muslims which they emulates whatever she does been right or wrong.

3) The muslim community and entire Oyo society as to be protected so this allegations levelled against her will not be seen as normal in our dear state if she as not suspended or proven not guilt in court of law.

4) The broadcasting code section of Not To Be Broadcast ( NTBB) should be respected and protected regardless.

5) We are also ready to support her in anyway to clean off herself from this what she called “blackmail”.

Lastly! We will appreciate if this issue is treated with professionalism, fair and not been baise and as soon as possible, we won’t like listening to the program coming up this coming Friday April 1st 2022 without any steps taken on our concerns as this may limit the reputation of the station and what NBC stands for and that means we have no voice.

We promise to go further where our voices will be heard to make sure our society is sanitized with morals and values and religion etiquette as it were before.

I am Hon Rasaq Boladale Raheem writen on behalf of concerned Oyo State Youths, Oyo Decide Fiban Oyo State Oyo Politics Oyo State Patriotic Insideoyo

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