Again, 32 FM Fills the World with Laughter, embarks on ‘Protect the Sweepers Campaign’

Nigeria’s first comedy radio station, 32FM 94.9, in their mandate to fill the world with laughter as a humour themed radio station has commenced a campaign to protect the sweepers. The project, ‘Protect the Sweepers Campaign’ is currently taking shape in Ibadan environs, capital of Oyo state.

Speaking with Primus Media, it was gathered that the project is primarily aimed at prioritizing the welfare and well being of the sweepers in the community. The project challenges everyone to be generous to the sweepers and be extra careful when driving around them. “The Project is just another avenue for us to fulfill our mandate of filling the world with laughter. We believe we can make the sweepers happy if we prioritize their welfare and well being. That’s why we have decided to protect them and call on others to ensure the same.

“Sweepers will be better protected, apart from the aggressive awareness and campaign going on air. We also step out to identify with them, and donate some strategic materials to them like the reflective safety cone and the safety jacket, as well as some cash to say thank you to them. In the campaign we also implore people to be generous to all the diligent sweepers they come across, and thankfully the sweepers are already testifying to that.

Speaking on the mode of operation towards the campaign,”the campaign is in phases, for now we go out to different areas every Thursday to bless some lucky sweepers. They are quite much and we can only do a few, so we have to randomly select. So till we exhaust the materials with us, we will keep going out on every environmental day to donate. Don’t forget this is the second phase, the first phase is the on going on-air campaign. After this phase we hope to unveil the third phase.

“For now, we are laying examples. We believe if we are able to spot a challenge, we should lead and make effort to remedy it. If peradventure we become overwhelmed, then we can call for support. But the right thing to do is to make effort first, and that’s exactly what we are doing. We may call for support in the subsequent phases but for now we want to do our part. That’s not to say well meaning Nigerians who see reason with us can’t do likewise. That’s why in our campaign we encourage people to be generous to the sweepers and be extra careful when driving around them. So anyone that diligently observes all these, would have supported us in this campaign

32 FM 94.9 Ibadan is a contemporary, urban, comedy themed radio station with the zeal to spread laughter around the world. The station is primarily designed to create and broadcast provocative, entertaining, and humorous content.

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