After 18years, Bembe Aladisa, secures visa!

The popular singer, Taiwo Adeboye well known as “Bembe Aladisa”, the famous vocalist of the song “eyin oyinbo e wa fun mi ni visa” has finally sealed a visa to travel out of the country after 18 years of waiting.

The dream to secure a visa is becoming more realistic after the CEO of U-Fit Fly, Evang. Ajibola Ogunkeyede on Thursday, brought to fulfilment his promise to secure Mr. Adeboye a travelling package.

Bembe Aladisa

Meanwhile, all documents aiding his traveling was properly monitored and secured through the management of Splash 105.5 FM and Yemi Sonde Media Group Ibadan.

According to a post on the social media handle of YSlimited as monitored by Primus Media City, “Bembe Fit Fly…As posted on Tuesday that the long time dream of Mr Taiwo Adeboye popularly known as Bembe Aladisa of the “eyin oyinbo e wa fun mi ni Visa” fame was actualized with the traveling packages promised by Evangelist Ajibola Ogunkeyede, CEO U Fit Fly through the management of Yemi Sonde Media Group and Splash 105.5 FM Ibadan.

“The coast is becoming more clearer now that he has signed some documents aiding the traveling out of the Country after 18 years of waiting. Congratulations to Bembe Aladisa!…

Primus Media City felicitate Mr. Taiwo Adeboye on the achievement of his long time dream to secure a visa.

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