Adéjàre Àmùdà: How objective are the works of reporters?

Gone are the days when you can either be a journalist ( that is working for print media) or a Broadcaster (working in electronic media like TV and Radio).

Research has shown that both platforms have journalistic similarities, meaning that you can dwell in more of investigative stories. This made us concluded that you can either be a journalist or a broadcast journalist. While the first report for print as usual the other reports for electronic be it radio, television or the recent multimedia platform.

During those days, you get to read enough of “fact-digging” stories and reading newspapers widen ones knowledge as well as striking kind of caution and balance.

Today, we now have so many bloggers and by the virtue of posting stuffs online the claim to be journalists. A development that has bastardized both the professional and ethical standards.

Just as we have that in today’s journalism space, we have influx of half baked Broadcasters and handlers of the recent days media businesses.

Imagine a notable presenter using a whole of one hour, thirty minutes program meant to be for entertainment and celebrity gist to propagate or campaign for re-election of his anointed candidate while the other one was on the social media to defend another candidate.. What a masquerade dance on the Graves of heroes of Broadcasting!

Those legends, I mean heroes of those days broadcast doesn’t worship money. They really sow seeds of honour which actually preserve integrity of Broadcasting and Journalism.

We Journalists and Broadcast Journalists of today, we need to check ourselves and ask sincere questions as to “How objective are the works of reporters/Broadcasters?”

Adéjàre Àmùdà
Head of Programme&Presentations
I-FLIER 103.3fm Ìbàdàn

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