Adamawa Police Arrest ‘TikToker’ For Alleged Abuse of Social Media Platform

Authorities in Adamawa State have detained Aliyu Musa, aged 33, for allegedly misusing social media within the region.

Musa stands accused of posting a controversial video on his TikTok account @faty5076, where he made derogatory remarks about certain stakeholders in the state, claiming unjust behavior.

According to police reports, Musa failed to provide evidence to support his allegations depicted in the widely circulated video. Law enforcement emphasized that such content not only risks damaging the reputations of those implicated but also poses a threat to public order, given the sensitive roles of these individuals as public figures in both the state and Nigeria at large.

SP Suleiman Yahaya, the spokesperson for the Command, strongly condemned Musa’s actions, asserting that the police will take decisive action against anyone found violating the nation’s laws.

Preliminary investigations suggest that Musa’s intent was to defame notable personalities and leaders within the state.

Yahaya stressed the importance of implementing proactive measures to guide and educate social media users on responsible posting practices, thereby preventing breaches of established social media regulations and laws.

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