Abenasports Takes Flight from IBR FM to Success FM

In a heartfelt farewell, Afolabi A’Afeez, popularly known as Abenasports, bids adieu to IBR 92.5FM after nearly six years of entertaining and informing the audience. Abenasports expressed gratitude for the incredible journey, highlighting the success of programs like “Jawon Beta” and the groundbreaking Yoruba tech-focused show, Ayélujára, along with Eni Bí Okàn.

The departure marks the end of an era but opens the door to new possibilities. Abenasports extends thanks to the IBR team for their trust and support. The fellow presenters and crew are acknowledged as a second family, and the devoted Abenasports zealots are recognized for their unwavering loyalty.

While bidding farewell to IBR, Abenasports assures fans that this isn’t goodbye but a transition to a new chapter. The radio personality hints at unveiling a fresh platform, promising to continue crafting entertaining and informative content that resonates with a broader audience.

As Abenasports takes flight from IBR 92.5FM, the message resonates with love and gratitude, leaving fans eager to follow the next phase of this radio journey. It’s not farewell but a hopeful “see you on the other side.

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