Abass Ishola gets car gift

Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Bog Global Resources, Mr Olawale Ogunkeyede, on Saturday August 14, 2021 presented a car gift to one of the famous Yoruba sports presenters on Ibadan radio, Abass Ishola better known as ‘Abasilla’.

Ogunkeyede while presenting the Honda car said the gesture was to appreciate and encourage the sports presenter, Abass Ishola, to do more for sports industry and as well to promoting the image of his company, Wal-Bog Global Resources.

In his words, “I so much believe that sports is an avenue to promote business because there is nothing you could do without sports.

“What I am doing at present is to encourage sports at the grassroots and make sure every year we build new stars through our sports initiatives both in football, athletes and boxing.

“We felt Abass’s impact on our business, since we started using him as one of our ambassadors, he has been promoting our company and seeing changes in our business and that is why we compensated him with this car gift as our widows might,” Ogunkeyede said.

Abassilah immensely expressed his profound appreciate to Babatunde Saheed ‘Mr. Sports’ one of the warlords of Yoruba Sportcasting in Ibadan and beyond, while he hinted the public how Mr. Sport has influenced the actualization of the ambassadorial deal and the car gift.

He also appreciated the CEO of the company, Mr. Ogunkeyede for the kind gesture as he pledged to do more in promoting sports through his professional calling.

Primus Media City wishes him more wins and achievements.

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