6 Popular Political News Blog in Ibadan

By: Israel Babalola

The modern age media through the internet has provided for us a platform that gives bountiful opportunities for people in the globe to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in form of an online journal, sometimes allowing readers comment on their posts.

These platforms are generally called ‘Blogs’. Just like we have print newspaper, online newspaper is now made available via Blogging. Although, every blog has its own niche it intend serving the society, yet Newsblog is common and well used by the people.

Rather than going through the stress of getting to a vendor stand before picking up daily newspapers to read, a click away, via internet connection on your smart phone, laptop etc, will magically save you the stress.

News Blog is now rampant in the society and has given online and print media to serve the populace better and faster with timely newsworthy stories

However, it’s amazing the way Ibadan media caught up with the move as they are efficiently escalating the trend of online Newsblog. Among these enormous platforms, it’s quite interesting that Primus Media City could notice the presence of some of the Newsblogs which is massively contributing to the expansion of Ibadan media industry.

In no particular order, the following are the indigenous political Newsblogs peculiar to Ibadan when it comes to bit-to-bit updates in Ibadan and Oyo state as a whole.


Oyo Insight is a news blog set out to report news basically from Oyo State. The platform has paraded itself has a reliable and undiluted news source when it comes to happenings around the state. The platform is run by a political PR and content creator based in Ibadan, Sikiru Akinola, a well reputable man when it comes to having nose for indigenous and grassroots news.


Double A Exclusive is a once stop Broadcasting and Online media platform for all your daily news majorly in Ibadan, Oyo state, ranging from human angle stories, mysteries and investigation; politics and current affairs; international news and sport; features and articles etc. The News Blog is owned by Abiodun Adewole Mr. Double A, a well known erudite Yoruba broadcast journalist of Splash 105.5 FM, Ibadan. Double A Exclusive news blog is known for well detailed investigative work in the city.


Oyo News is all about reporting and promoting Oyo State, by extension Southwest region of Nigeria. It was founded by Olamide Adeniji, a PR expert based in Ibadan. He is also a Public Relations officer in Oyo State Government. In his words, “One thing you would take away from us is “Ingenuity & Originality” our stories are timely and authentic. We feed you with current happenings round Oyo state and nigeria.


InsideOyo is an independent news medium for up-to-date events and happenings within and around Oyo state, Nigeria. Inside Oyo has in no time becomes an household name in the city of Ibadan and beyond. The blog is one of the most used news platforms in the city among its counterparts.


Oyo affairs is an independent news media with the main focus on Oyo state news, politics, current events, trending happenings within and around Oyo state, Nigeria. They’re saddles with the responsibility to promoting the cultural heritage of Oyo state. This platform was established out of the zeal to provide undiluted Oyo State latest news. “We happen to say things the way they are and make you enjoy the controversies”. You need not be sceptical about the news you find on this platform because they are often not wrong.

The Parrot Group News Blog started evolving in year 2003. By August 1, 2004, the first product, called PM Parrot Evening newspaper was rolled out from its corporate headquarters in Ibadan. The publication was of necessity because the publisher, Yinka Agboola, whose journalism carrier started some 20 years ago had a dear focus. The idea behind the establishment of the evening newspaper was to ‘serve tomorrow’s news fresh today’. With Ibadan as the base, Agboola was of the opinion that PM Parrot would also help shore up the image and reputation of the ancient city as a major capital for ‘newspapering’ in Nigeria. To date, Parrot Xtra Magazine has developed a reputation for publishing exciting interviews.

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